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At Christ Lutheran School we are committed to meeting students where they are and to providing an environment that encourages them to discover and nurture their unique gifts and strengths.

Take the first step towards enrolling your child by scheduling an interview with our Principal.

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Most Affordable
Christian Education in
Adams County


Transportation available
from Hastings,
Juniata & Kenesaw


Over a 100
Year Tradition of

The Christ Lutheran School Way

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Rigorous Academics

Our small classroom sizes, one-to-one computers and challenging curriculum equip our students for success in high school and beyond.


Purpose-driven Leaders

We prepare our students to be the leaders that our world desperately needs: competent, compassionate, courageous & with unshakable moral values.

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Nurturing Environment

Our Teachers are passionate about seeing your child learn and grow in a safe and nurturing environment.


I have never had any doubts about the safety of my children at this school.

There is no price I would not pay to ensure the same foundation for my children that I had growing up. The one on one attention that can be given in this environment helps to guarantee the success of each and every student. I have never had any doubts about the safety of my children at this school.